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Another sleek addition to our collection of women’s shorts is the Race Flag Red Orange shorts. These racing flag designed shorts are made from 40% cotton, and 60% polyester fabric and have a screen printed design of red-orange ink. The checkered design gives it a look of style, and the color texture remains prominent even after multiple washes. The high-quality fabric gives it a resistance against sunlight damage and the wearer has maximum comfort and mobility. These shorts are a perfect choice for casual wear like an evening walk in the park or a visit to a café. We guarantee that such quality is not available anywhere else in the market.

The Race Flag red-orange shorts by Fame & Fortune Corps is an all exclusive option for ladies looking for comfortable yet casual wear. Combining with our Race Flag shirt collection and lightweight sneakers, these shorts will prove to be a wise choice for your casual wear. Available in all sizes, these shorts are sure to give you a look that goes well with all occasions like a summer beach party, and it also gives you a youthful look. Our apparel stands out due to high-quality fabric use and durability with no worry of  color to fade away.