- History Of Our Brand -

Established in 2008, Fame & Fortune Co. began with an embroidered F&F design, which permanently stapled its way on to the Streetwear brand. Merchandise was brought to those demanding it by foot in the streets of Florida. Created in a garage, facing days where the passion and dedication for the brand were all that was at hand, the dream was always clear. Building a team of creative individuals who shared the vision and witnessed the rebirth with the diverse designs to come, is why Fame & Fortune currently stands with a mission of making the positive impact in the communities that we work and live in.

The Fame & Fortune head quarters are currently based in Orlando, Florida and the merchandise is available throughout store fronts and online boutiques, making it accessible world-wide. As a Brooklyn boy’s dream unravels due to consistency, no matter the barriers, is why the brand’s original motto stated:

“Dedication & Determination Are The Keys To Success.”

"F&F Motor Suit" Collection

Before the success, there is an area that is often unspoken about. This is where some are tested and many fail. Here, a line is drawn between the “Dreamer” and a “Hustler”. This is fashion designed for those who are built for the obstacles, to applaud and push those who are hungry to break cycles, sacrificing what they have left and who refuse to settle for less until finishing their race, crossing the finish line to the Fame & Fortune.

The fully formed subculture of racing is a passion driven hobby, one must have a different type of drive to perfect the stunts being performed. Those who form a part of the unit hold both the art and talent that the “Bikelife” lifestyle requires. Inspired by the movement, we have created Collections that link streetwear to its positive street culture. As leaders in our community, we took our “Motor Suit” Collection and created a voice to take a stand against Gun Violence by hosting “ride-out” events where hundreds of bikers come together throughout the boroughs of New York and bring awareness by wearing white Fame & Fortune shirts symbolizing the peace and union that is needed to end the danger that Gun Violence brings to our communities.





"Luck Won't Save You" Collection

Fashion is controversy. In a world where the end result of “success” is the only one being celebrated, we design for those who stand with a purpose. Self motivated, failure driven individuals that will sacrifice all they have today to get where they want to be tomorrow. Voicing the stories of those who will fuel the future generations to work their way to the Fame & Fortune.


Entering this "New Beginning", we introduce a motto in regards to "Luck". There are no handouts and the word "Luck" is an illusion. One must outwork what they accomplish the day before for a brighter future refusing to be at a stand-still.

"Blue Dream" Collection

Professional Boxer Edgar Berlanga

"Late Nights, Early Mornings"

                                                                      Josue Vargas

On the road to success, amongst the hurdles that you encounter are the hours that you sacrifice. No matter your hustle, what everyone does with their 24 hours will determine their accomplishments. A Women's selection was introduced to the brand in our “Late NightsEarly Mornings” Collection . “You only see the success in a successful person, never the sacrifices and failures…”


Boxer David "King" Garcia

Being a young hungry athlete, the 11 year old Boxer sets the standards high for his competition. The dedicated David "King" Garcia lives with the mentality of already being a champion. Training daily, no matter the mental & physical exhaustion that he is experiencing, he pushes his limits. Already understanding the sacrifices he must make to reach his fighting weight, the young athlete inspires and is developing a story which his father and him will soon share with the world.


September 2020

"F&F Camouflage" Collection

 The hand-made cut & sew on this limited launch was designed to set a staple in our collection. The "hand-dyed" shirts all hold an exclusivity because of the slight difference in the patterns, complimenting the "cut & sew" is our signature logo centered in the front.



We offer a compensated “III Tier Program” for driven individuals such as yourself, who’s content and audience aligns with that of our brand. We look forward to having you join us as we welcome our New Collections and be a part of Fame & Fortune Co. HISTORY.