Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Men's Shorts and Sweatpants

Go out this summer with our range of shorts and sweatpants for men. You can buy men's shorts for summer evenings or sweatpants for a more casual and elegant look. We know all men love shorts and sweatpants. So why do they often not know how to choose? There are many confusing style categories (such as cut, tight, regular, straight, baggy, athletic, and classic with elastic, without elastic, in addition to dozens of washes and types). Therefore, that may be the problem. Whether for fashion, contradictory and sometimes confusing information, or indifference, most men wear old shorts that fit no more. 


The following are a few ways to choose shorts and buy men's sweatpants that look and feel good:

  1. Start at the waist


Men need to know what their current waist measurement is. Use a measuring tape to measure your waist (which is above the navel, in the crease that is made when you lean to one side) or use a cord of any length to measure your waist and then measure it with a ruler or metallic measuring tape. Pants should be at the waist and not above or below this or, worse, below the belly. They should stand alone, even without a belt, and not be too tight or too baggy. Ideally, you can slide two fingers at the waist.


  1. Sweatpants fit everyone


This classic style always looks good (regardless of waist size or shape) and gives a casual look. The style is deceptively stylized and offers a little more space close to the skin and spacious pockets to put the wallet and cell phone comfortably. The width of the straight sweatpants is uniform but can vary. For a contemporary silhouette that is also comfortable, you should be able to take an inch or an inch and a half of excess fabric behind the thigh. Choose a soft cotton blend in medium weight with 2% spandex. And for a bohemian look, choose straight-leg sweatpants.


  1. Choose sweatpants that fit men with muscular, robust or stocky bodies


Don't be overwhelmed by the subcategories of sweatpants. They can say regular, classic, baggy, or athletic, but they are still straight, only with a fuller cut on the back and legs, and some elastic for more comfort. Avoid those that are too droopy, wide or stiff. Do not wear sweatpants or shorts with shirts tucked inside. Put on a jacket to give this look a more contemporary touch.


  1. The correct length is essential


It is very easy to make mistakes when it comes to choosing the length. Don't let the pants "fold" when they touch the top of the shoe. Buy straight length pants with a medium length. But, again, if you are a relaxed, informal and modern man, let them fall and crumple back and forth. Extra-wide pants look careless and shabby.


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