How 90’s People Can Wear Street wear in 2020

Street wear style is a bizarre and complex beast. On the one hand, it’s unflattering and obnoxious. On the other, it’s supreme and robust. Though born 50 years ago in the surf culture of California, street wear didn’t truly take over the streets until the noughties, when the hip hop chart dominance and the first skate boom (thanks to Tony Hawk) turned a whole generation onto graphic tees, blingy jewelry and baggy jeans.

Today, that generation, which is hitting adulthood properly by the way, also want to feel more comfortable in a men’s motors sweatshirt like the youngsters of today.

Luckily, street wear itself has also grown up, to an extent. So whether you’re looking to tweak your style, or just upgrade your jeans-and-a-sweatshirt wardrobe, here are a few ways to do it without looking like a total mess.

Level up the fabrics

Street wear clothing was, until recently, the beast you could happily fall-off a skateboard while riding; hence why most staples were rendered in heavy cottons and denim, in non-constrictive fits. But modern street wear is no more going to the skate park and designers have reworked the fashion – hoodies, trainers, cargo trousers – into garments that are more comfortable to get you through the day.

Today, the casual wearer wants to upgrade utilitarian fabrics to a premium. Thus, an easy way to incorporate a street wear element subtly is through a pair of high-quality hip hop fashion bottoms.

Leave behind the hype beast

For youth, hype and recognition is everything. But for the 90’s old folks, they better stick to what works for them, their routine, and likes & dislikes.

The grown-up move for street wear is to fly below-the-radar, by wearing staples that are innovative but decent and relatively boring for teenagers. For adults trying on street fashion, comfort, cuts, and minimal labels like Fame & Fortune are the key.

Start from the bottom

As Drake says, “Started from the bottom, now we’re here.” There’s no denying this fact. In street wear, footwear can make or break the outfit, and sneakers and kicks are the headstones of it all. However, it’s still a dangerous terrain to navigate. Hypebeasts, generally, hyperventilate over each newly dropped pair, and you can invest ridiculous amounts of time and – of course – money trying to keep up.

Instead of loading up on the trending, go by the basic styling rule here. A simple, tough pair of black or white sneakers or kicks would do the job just right.

Not baggy but loose

The loose fits of modern street wear fashion are just right for the generation who once went gaga over the baggy men’s hip hop outfits. Street wear is not just fashion; it’s as we see it, a lifestyle that resonates with people from all walks of life. And thus, you should go with whatever suits your style.

Your best bet is a silhouette that’s more comfortable and relaxed than the figure-hugging tailoring back in the day.

Bring streets to work

Incorporating street style into your “work” wardrobe may seem intimidating. However, few pieces can transform it into a more traditional attire, like a hoodie.

Trainers are yet another simple way to go about your work clothing, making it more contemporary. And so, a pair of simple sneakers with chinos or a relaxed suit is a safe play.

Keep it simple and NOT flashy

Street wear is all about the mix-and-match; staples from different cultures and lifestyles that together reflect your own preference and liking towards clothing. Don’t try too hard and wear head-to-toe latest gear, especially when you are an adult re-adopting the street style.