Cute tops for summer -

Five trending outfits for the summer season

Do you have plans to go on a date or a party but aren’t sure how to dress “informally”? You may have the basic dress code choices but it can still be complicated. You can find cute tops for summer available at Fame and Fortune.

Here are the top five casual clothing options for you!

Casual Dress Code

If you’re going to an office holiday party or dressing for casual Fridays, you can wear jeans and tees with sneakers or loafers to give you a comfortable and casual look. A casual dress is your safe bet if you aren’t sure if the event is formal, semi-formal, or casual. You can always pair it with chunky jewelry and high heels or a high-tail pony with sneakers or loafers.


T-shirts are essential for both men and women. You can easily wear any T-shirt while running some errands or pair you’re T-shirts with blazers and skinny jeans to have a casual yet cute look. A simple T-shirt can take the edge off a fancy outfit, and you’ll be ready to go anywhere.

Tops & Hoodies

Another cute outfit idea that is ideal for summer is to wear cute tops with skirts or jeans. You can wear tops with tracksuits or shredded shorts. Playing with layers is the key to a great outfit; you can tuck in your sweatshirt or tops with high waist pants and shorts and add funky jewelry to go for any occasion.


You can find a variety of cute tops for summer on Fame and Fortune and you can pair it up with jeans. This is the most convenient, comfortable and casual outfit. A printed shirt can be worn with plain skinny jeans or graphic T-shirts with distressed jeans. This will help you maintain your fashion sense as well as help you keep your comfort a priority. If you’re on your way to a party or dinner, you can swap out your sneakers for loafers or stilettos. This will instantly elevate your look casually.

Jackets and light blazers

It is not necessary to wear jackets and blazers in the cold weather. You can find jackets and blazers made of light and airy materials that can be worn during summer. They are the perfect combination to make your outfit go from casual to semi-formal. Jackets and blazers have the magic to make you look elegant and sophisticated. You can wear cute tops for summers underneath if you aren’t sure if the weather will warm up further, this will help you carry a look with or without a jacket or blazer.