Fame & Fortune’s 4 Ways to Incorporate Street wear into Your Style

Street wear fashion is becoming more and more popular every passing day. With the stories of struggle and hardcore street life attached to it, everyone with a passion and fire in their hearts is inclined to incorporate this style into their wardrobes.

Street wear effortlessly melds together the chic runway fashion with the comfort and ease of everyday tough style. However, as street wear or hip hop fashion has evolved over the years, it has grown into something more than just clothing; it has become its own culture.

For someone who isn’t into his fashion following, street wear can look like an intimidating style. Sometimes it gets hard to jump into a new type of fashion with both feet and with street wear to be specific, it often seems like it’s all or nothing. 

The truth is, anyone can mix a few casual bits of street wear style into their wardrobe without attempting a fashion malfunction, and this blog post is full of those ideas;


The plain white tee

There is no denying in the fact that a plain white tee has been a fashion staple for many years and street wear is not indifferent from it. Sure you can buy trendy mens t shirts that are in street wear style, but a simple white tee can go a long way when it comes to minimal, effortless style.

When breaking into street wear style, however, there are a few key factors to keep in mind concerning your white t-shirt. First and foremost is fit; generally, most street wear shirts are on the baggier side and not too overly fitted. When looking for the perfect white tee for your street wear styling, look for something slightly more loosely fit with a longer hemline.

Our ‘Fame & Fortune’ white tee is a perfect example of the plain white street wear tee shirt. It can be paired easily with any kind of pants and shoes, but we suggest you go with baggy denim jeans and black joggers.

Checkered shorts

Everyone loves being able to feel breezy while looking chic and in fashion; street wear does that for you with its shorts. Shorts have received a street fashion transformation that has made them a fashion-forward option on days when you just want to vibe with the streets. Instead of the fitted shorts that have been worn in the past, street wear fashion trendy shorts are loose and baggy in style for a more comfortable feel and easy-going look.

A simple pair of shorts like the Fame & Fortune checkered shorts are an excellent way to nail the street wear style with extreme comfort.

Stylish footwear

The footwear in street fashion is of greater importance. Sneakers are a major staple in street wear, and the off-putting ones can simply make or break a look. For someone looking to set their feet into street wear, Adidas and Nike are your safest bets for trendy kicks.

Denim jackets

It a known fact that a denim jacket goes with everything and this holds true for street wear fashion too. The right denim jacket can elevate any simple outfit into something more cool and stylish. However, it’s important to understand that it is the relaxed fit of a street wear denim jacket that sets it apart from others.

Street wear is more than just fashion; it’s a culture. It is wearing a meaningful, robust style that tells your story to the streets; it is embracing your dreams and passion for coming up with a style statement that represents your true self, which is why Fame & Fortune is not just a brand… it’s a lifestyle!