10 Amazing ideas for Women's Graphic Tees

There is no outfit more comfortable and relaxed than jeans with a t-shirt. It is a combination that we all love, and that makes us feel good regardless of the day.  

Before we begin to scoop out our style guide, we must talk about how to choose and buy women's graphic tees that let you stand out in the crowd. It is essential to choose the perfect size, color, and fabric. Both men and women look good with a shirt that fits them.

  • Either it is a skintight one or an oversized one, a tee shirt should be your size. It should fit well on your shoulders. The seam should be on edge.
  • The length will depend on your tastes. Garb long or short, cropped, or ripped tees & tops in all sizes.
  • When it comes to colors, the underlying tones are white, black, gray, and navy blue. White looks good with any skin tone, and a white T-shirt is classic. The different shades of blue may accentuate the shape of your body. The black shirt is another very versatile option, combined with almost any look. But, these tend to discolor, so you should take good care. Navy blue is perhaps better than black, it is ideal for the day and goes very well with jeans. You can also experiment with other shades, such as green, red, purple, blue, and more.
  • On the fabric, in t-shirts, it is not related to weight. The lighter ones tend to be more expensive. Ideally, choose 100% cotton, especially Egyptian or Pima cotton. You can even opt for organic cotton. These are more durable, look thin, and feel lighter.
  • You could also opt for cotton blends. But, prefer those with less elastin. Avoid polyester unless you are going to exercise.


Fashion Guide: How to wear women's tees & tops in style

Models, celebrities, and fashion bloggers can be seen wearing tees & tops with phrases, funky and bold prints, embellishments, and more. Some options are with a skirt and stilettos. Another is to use boyfriend jeans with contemporary heels.  There are many simple ways to get an urban style with effortless shirts. Follow our advice and be inspired to look good.


  1. Women's tees & tops with jeans is a cult basic yet classic style statement. You can combine platform sneakers with a sheepskin coat. Sunglasses, a functional wallet, and you are good to go.
  2. Achieve a classic style with a straight-cut or boyfriend-style jeans and a white T-shirt inside. Add some stylish heels.
  3. Add a blazer for a warmer look. Wear a blazer of the same color as the shirt, preferably white. And sandals with a platform or low heel. Ideal for spring.
  4. Wear graphic tees in layers with a military jacket. We prefer skinny jeans for this look.
  5. Pair your tatty jeans with an oversized t-shirt and mid-heeled boots.
  6. An ideal outfit for a night out is a graphic shirt with a leather skirt and pointed heels with straps.
  7. To look more formal, wear a pencil or tube skirt with a graphic shirt and stilettos.
  8. Wear a white cowboy, a black T-shirt, and a coat. This could be ideal for an after-office cocktail.
  9. Graphic t-shirt with a denim jacket, pleat skirt, socks, and heels for a spring look.
  10. A cute graphic t-shirt with a mini leather skirt and flat sandals for a summer date. Stand out with accessories and a handbag.


With these fantastic ideas, you can buy women's graphic tees at Fame and Fortune store online. We bring you a fashion guide on how to wear women's tees & tops in style. Follow us!